Oh my goodness!

What happened to Marco? Has he turned into a heterosexual? Can it be true? Certainly not!


The woman he’s kissing is Barbara on her birthday party at a bar in Zurich. Now that’s a good shot (and just in the right moment) ;-)

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Why is this called heaven?

Main reason is my domain name heaven.ch (inactive for the moment, but I‘ll re-activate it in the near future)


It was also my DJ name as a part-time DJ years ago.

It was part of the name of my old „electronic postbox“ , which was… (see riddle below)


The Riddle

Due to the fact that e-mail adresses written as „something@somewhere.xyz can easily get caught by spammer‘s robot programs, here‘s a riddle for you to find out what the name of my old „electronic postbox“ was…(that is, of course, only if you are human and clever ;-)

Let me know your answer, you might win a dinner with me!


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a spokesman’s job

Busy friday, 15 September 2006: Swiss TV called and did an interview with me. The broadcast „Schweiz Aktuell“ can be watched as RealVideo Stream on Swiss TV‘s website. The second screenshot is the presenter, goodlooking Mr. Roland Luder ;-)

Marco on TV Roland Luder, Presenter

Website of Swiss TV’s broadcast “Schweiz Aktuell

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Rainy sunday

A rainy sunday marks the beginning of my blog @ wordpress, so therefore I chose to upload a pic of my “magic garden” in my showcase at home.

magic garden

magic garden (more…)

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